Blessed London Life

I think the title is a question. Because who would truly know whether is it a blessing to live in city this big. People say, if you’re bored of London, you’re bored of life.

I’ve never heard anyone say they were bored. I did hear many other reasons, why London is difficult. Among the most popular were money difficulties, stress caused by work, distance, lack of social life, alcohol problems.

You can live an easy life in L town, but is it worth it? If you don’t want  to chase that carrier path you chose, or make lots of money, set up a new start up or board plenty of BA flights, do you actually need to be in London? Do you want to? I ask myself this question repeatedly and I always come to the same conclusion. FOMO- Fear of Missing Out. That is literally the only thing that keeps me in London. I fear that I didn’t give myself enough time, enough effort, enough thought. I fear that I won’t be able to go to all the museums and galleries, cinemas, events, pop up stores and farmers markets. I worry there won’t be Deliveroo to deliver my food, take care of my footprint (no cutlery policy), there might not be an Uber available, no Jinn, no laundry application, no Citymapper (how do I even go around the city without a map). And how about Monzo and Amazon and Glossier shipping to the UK, but not many countries in Europe?! What about Jack’s Flight Club, who is based in here too. Will there be an app that meets my needs? London is not real life.

London is not real life. Not to me anyway. It’s a stop on my way to a better path. Stop that teaches me a lot, but also doesn’t. Money doesn’t really have any value here. Life gets really expensive, but you also make quite a bit. Sounds fair enough. You live fast, you travel far, you miss your friends and family. You don’t really live independently, as there is everything and everyone to support you. You can literally live your life without leaving the house (or a flatshare if you’re less lucky).

Here is an example of an extremely lazy day in London. Skies are grey, temperature drops down to 3, you don’t know if it’s 10am or 3pm- it feels about the same. You’re home on your own, as your friends are at work.

8am wake up to an Ocado delivery- groceries delivered to your door, you selected an early one, so that you have breakfast food ready when you get up. The driver takes recyclable bags with him, you did your part in taking care of the environment.

9am after shower, you test that new cosmetic brand, that has shop online and have shipped your parcel in a timely manner. Exciting.

9.30am you have your breakfast, that you made for yourself. Hooray! House wife 100%

9.45am Freddie’s Flowers delivery- yay! fresh flowers in da house. Looking all pretty. They sure will bring some life into your apartment.

10am too early to focus on work and self development, so on to Netflix we go- new documentaries added, new movies, some good ones, some real bad ones. You choose wisely- something that will tell you new things, you’re excited, but at the same time, you can’t focus on watching it, as your phone keeps sending you notifications. Instagram, Vestiaire Collective, BBC, CNN, Selfridges, Outlook (oh no, that’s work email). All of them, they want your undivided attention. And you give it to them, one by one and soon, you forget you were watching that Netflix show. The only way you remember it, is your TV asking you, whether you’re still there. Ah right ok, that means you’ve been sitting around for a couple of hours at least.

2pm right, where’s the food at? You’re a little tired and cold (do you know how much heating costs in London?!) and you decide to treat yourself- you won’t be cooking today. Deliveroo it is. You happen to live in a really good area, so there is a never-ending list of restaurants that deliver. Blessed. You get your lunch and so far so good, didn’t even leave your house.

4pm it’s dark already, and you can either watch some more TV, or be productive. You choose to do laundry, but why would you bother, if there is an app for this? Somebody collects your clothes, and then soon return them nice and clean. And folded like they were brand new. So you do that, easy peasy.

5pm at this point, you can either go out, or just have an early night (as you promised yourself the previous night). Heck with it, let’s compromise, stay home and have a drink while relaxing on the sofa. There is only one question- where to get that drink from? Deliveroo again. Never disappoints with the selection.

9pm see? you wanted an early night, there you go. off to bed. night night x

What you have read above is just an example. Example of what might be your day off in London. The town that has it all. That never sleeps, that never bores, that gives you opportunities. And yes- you don’t have to be that person, but I want to tell you, that if you do find yourself having a day like this, it’s ok. It is ok sometimes to be on your own, to be lazy and do nothing. When you live such hectic life in such busy town, you need to pull those breaks. You deserve it.

m x