Post birthday post

Hi y’all!

It’s been forever (7 months to be precise) since I last chatted to you and let me tell you what, keeping a page up is not cheap. So I thought, I might as well post on here. As we’re entering the second half of summer, I have got some pictures to share with you. First up, Malta, my surprise getaway birthday gift.

As every year, birthday celebration is in summer, which I love the most. We have been taking each others on holidays to spend some quality time outside of crowded L town. Couple of times I was surprised as I did not know the destination. Like in this instance. I was told to pack summer clothes and no umbrella. My task was to guess where we were flying from the departures board. And I guessed! We flew to Malta.

Now, many of you have messaged me on Instagram, asking my opinion on the country. I heard some mixed opinions and I had to disagree, as I loved Malta. It made us feel welcome, safe and happy. People were nice, food was good, weather was amazing. Boat cruise, swimming in blue lagoon, driving around the island and taking a ferry to other islands was just the best. History of this tiny country is tragic, but it only adds character to it and allows you to appreciate its current beauty.

me and my photographic skills…
family portrait
don’t mind us. we’re cool.

As this is not a travel blog per se, I will not be uploading my recommendations on here. If you have any questions, just DM me on Instagram @martynastempak and I’ll get a list of places tailored for your needs.

On another note, I have to go to work soonish and I planned to go to the gym, so I shall do that. I’ll come back soon. Promise.

Speak soon x