Hi there. I’m writing this post to share my new purchase. It’s the Gucci loafers, that I wanted for ages. They’re pretty, great quality and very expensive. I wanted them for a year, at least, but they were always not worth the price. I still think, that we came to the age of over-consumption of luxury brands. You open your Instagram, everyone owns the same items. Everyone has those Gucci shoes, everyone has Gabrielle Chanel perfumes, everyone has that Dior Youth set of serums, as well as everyone went to that Yves Saint Laurent beauty event. The question is- is it still luxurious, if everyone has it? If having a 3000 GBP bag for each and every season is what most do, changing ones (very expensive) coat with every outfit is what people do, how do stay sane in this insane way of living. PR is on point lately, products get sent to most followed "Influencers" out there. Can we blame them? No. Everyone is doing their job. As good as they can. Is it wrong? Yes and no.

No, because if you’re interested in fashion and you like what you’re getting, you should definitely wear it. Go and advertise it! Go crazy and recommend it to everyone. There are people looking for inspirations, style tips.

Yes, because having tons of unused, never worn clothing items, never used beauty products is simply wrong. Staying true to yourself and promoting it is one thing, selling yourself online is another.

I have to admit, it’s difficult to stay reasonable when scrolling that Instagram feed. You’re overloaded with pretty things. It’s crazy how many pictures we see online. We notice more than we do in real life. Or do we? Have you ever found yourself just scrolling down and double- tapping everything you’ve gone past? Does it mean anything to you? Do you follow for follow, and then unfollow? Are you the cheeky one?
Have you ever wanted something just because everyone else had it? Did you even need it?


There is so much to ask, when it comes to social media. So many questions. How do we know what is right for us?

I still don’t know the answers, but I think, that the key is, you stay true to yourself. Do not sell your personality and style. Don’t desire things you don’t need.



You probably are thinking now, "why did she say all this, if she has gotten those shoes, it’s simply absurd". I’ll tell you why. I wanted those shoes for over a year. I kept evaluating their worth. I love good quality and style. I would not get something, that would go out of style soon. I get classics. I invest in good things. That and travel.


I wonder what your opinion is, on this whole Social Media over-consumption of luxury brands. What is money worth now? Is the gap, between middle class and poor, getting bigger and bigger?