Post payday post


Here we are again. I can’t believe how often I find myself thinking ‘oh dear I wish I could have this’. But you know what? I’m starting to believe, that whatever I find in a charity shop, will work as well. If you can pull something off, you’re sorted. And the trends aren’t really trends anymore. Everyone wears whatever tf they want (or whatever they get sent for free).
I think it’s become more important to actually know the brand, know your clothes and use them and abuse them (or re-use as we call it).
We should really get tired of seeing the same person wearing different outfit every day. Every single day, different clothes. Who does that? Like for real. Who, that you know personally, has enough clothes to be wearing something completely new everyday. I don’t know anyone like that. More than that, I myself, wear the same thing over and over again. That might be a reason not many people want to follow me on social media. But you know what, that’s ok. I’d rather show my real aesthetics, matching same items in a few different ways, than get some poor quality stuff promoted. Let’s all take care of our planet and let’s not buy too much. Only the #essential products. And if you really really want something, get it. But remember to clean your wardrobe and donate old clothes, that you won’t wear anymore, to a charity shop next to you. Just be smart, kids.

Anyways, here is some pictures of items I would love to get, and I might at some point. But I will me responsible about this. Have a look, maybe you’ll find something that you like too.


Levi’s 501, premium, cropped, Lovefool colour

Kiehl’s Original Musk

Massimo Dutti


and Massimo Dutti again








Everything from Copenhagen Fashion Week. Something in leopard print, something reflective, something romantic and also, I want to move to Copenhagen.

Thanks, bye x