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As the season changes, so should our skincare. I’m here to tell you more about products I have been testing. It might be a bad timing, since Drunk Elephant is being released on 3rd Oct at SpaceNK, but don’t you worry, I will test it and update you. If you have never heard of Drunk Elephant- it is a skincare brand not available anywhere but the US at the moment, but getting introduced to the UK market the day after tomorrow. I would call it a semi-luxury brand, judging by the prices, but also simple enough to be a ‘better’ and ‘more expensive’ The Ordinary. Of course I have not tried it yet, so everything I say here is bias and based on internet reviews.

Alverde, Weleda, Ouai, The Ordinary, Dr.Jart

My everyday morning routine contains of Milky Jelly from Glossier, to gently cleanse my skin. Then I apply Solution by Glossier, it exfoliates, but it’s not too harsh. Next one up is The Ordinary serum and it depends on a day which one I go for. Sometimes it’s Vitamin C, sometimes Hyaluronic Acid, always a couple of drops applied on my skin. Just as soon as it absorbs, I put on some Dr.Jart+ colour correcting cream. It’s green and vary paste-ish but it’s spreadable and it turns beige as you apply it. I have to say- it works miracles. It might appear pricey but a small amount goes a long way. Right, after all that, I do one last thing- I apply a pea size drop of Weleda Skinfood on my cheekbones. That’s the sort of easy peasy skincare routine that preps my skin before applying makeup.

my everyday morning routine
Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara

I had a chance to try out the new Givenchy mascara and I have to say- I love it. It’s very similar to Le Volume de Chanel, but doesn’t smudge that much. Not sure whether it’s in sale now, but it might be and I advice that you try it. It’s volume volume and curl. It’s great for Autumn, a little bit braver look. It’s all in the eyes.

The end.